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Meshack Imologie Simeon, Alfons Weig, Ruth Freitag: Optimization of soil microbial fuel cell for sustainable bio-electricity production: combined effects of electrode material, electrode spacing, and substrate feeding frequency on power generation and microbial community diversity. In: Biotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts, 15 (2022). - .

Stephan Rohrbach, Gerasimos Gkoutselis, Linda Hink, Alfons Weig, Martin Obst, Astrid Diekmann, Adrian Ho, Gerhard Rambold, Marcus A. Horn: Microplastic polymer properties as deterministic factors driving terrestrial plastisphere microbiome assembly and succession in the field. In: Environmental Microbiology, (2022). - .

Giovanni Pastore, Alfons Weig, Eduardo Vazquez, Marie Spohn: Weathering of calcareous bedrocks is strongly affected by the activity of soil microorganisms. In: Geoderma, 405 (2022). - .

Christian Gubitz, Matthias Reul, Alfons Weig: Zur Kenntnis von Agaricus depauperatus s. l. unter Berücksichtigung weiterer rötender Champignon-Arten. In: Zeitschrift für Mykologie, 88 (2022). - S. 23-44.

Matthias Völkl, Valérie Jérôme, Alfons Weig, Julia Jasinski, Nora Meides, Peter Strohriegl, Thomas Scheibel, Ruth Freitag: Pristine and artificially-aged polystyrene microplastic particles differ in regard to cellular response. In: Journal of Hazardous Materials, 435 (2022). - .

Stanislava Mlinar, Alfons Weig, Ruth Freitag: Influence of NH₃ and NH₄⁺ on anaerobic digestion and microbial population structure at increasing total ammonia nitrogen concentrations. In: Bioresource Technology, (2022). - .

Anil Kumar, Alfons Weig, Seema Agarwal: Balancing Degradability and Physical Properties of Amorphous Poly (D, L‐lactide) by Making Blends. In: Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 307 (2022). - .


Linda Hink, Anja Holzinger, Tobias Sandfeld, Alfons Weig, Andreas Schramm, Heike Feldhaar, Marcus A. Horn: Effects of microplastic ingestion on hydrogen production and microbiomes in the gut of the terrestrial isopod Porcellio scaber.. - s.l., 2022. - 37 S.


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Jana T. Müller, Hans van Veen, Malte M. Bartylla, Melis Akman, Ole Pedersen, Pulu Sun, Robert C. Schuurink, Jun Takeuchi, Yasushi Todoroki, Alfons Weig, Rashmi Sasidharan, Angelika Mustroph: Keeping the shoot above water : submergence triggers antithetical growth responses in stems and petioles of watercress (Nasturtium officinale). In: New Phytologist, 229 (2021). - S. 140-155.

Alfons Weig, Martin G. J. Löder, Anja Ramsperger, Christian Laforsch: In situ Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Communities on Microplastic Particles in a Small Headwater Stream in Germany. In: Frontiers in Microbiology, 12 (2021). - .

Jana Křemenová, Tomáš Bartonička, Ondřej Balvín, Christian Massino, Klaus Reinhardt, Markéta Sasínková, Alfons Weig, Oliver Otti: Male diet affects female fitness and sperm competition in human- and bat-associated lineages of the common bedbug, Cimex lectularius. In: Scientific Reports, 11 (2021). - .


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Nicolas Weithmann, Stanislava Mlinar, Eva Sonnleitner, Alfons Weig, Ruth Freitag: Flexible feeding in anaerobic digestion – Impact on process stability, performance and microbial community structures. In: Anaerobe, (2020). - .

Alexander Guhr, Alfons Weig: Assessment of prokaryote to eukaryote ratios in environmental samples by SSU rDNA length polymorphism. In: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 113 (2020). - S. 175-183.

Stanislava Mlinar, Alfons Weig, Ruth Freitag: Influence of mixing and sludge volume on stability, reproducibility, and productivity of laboratory-scale anaerobic digestion. In: Bioresource Technology Reports, 11 (2020). - .

Karen T. Silva, Margarete Schüler, Frank Mickoleit, Theresa Zwiener, Frank D. Müller, Ram Prasad Awal, Alfons Weig, Andreas Brachmann, René Uebe, Dirk Schüler: Genome-Wide Identification of Essential and Auxiliary Gene Sets for Magnetosome Biosynthesis in Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense. In: mSystems, 5 (2020). - .


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Meike Widdig, Per-Marten Schleuss, Alfons Weig, Alexander Guhr, Lori A. Biederman, Elizabeth T. Borer, Michael J. Crawley, Kevin P. Kirkman, Eric W. Seabloom, Peter D. Wagg, Marie Spohn: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Additions Alter the Abundance of Phosphorus-Solubilizing Bacteria and Phosphatase Activity in Grassland Soils. In: Frontiers in Environmental Science, 7 (2019). - .

Pina Brinker, Alfons Weig, Gerhard Rambold, Heike Feldhaar, Simon Tragust: Microbial community composition of nest-carton and adjoining soil of the ant Lasius fuliginosus and the role of host secretions in structuring microbial communities. In: Fungal Ecology, 38 (2019). - S. 44-53.

Martin Feulner, Alfons Weig, Tobias Voss, Lea F. Schott, Gregor Aas: Central European polyploids of Sorbus subgenus Aria (Rosaceae) recurrently evolved from diploids of central and south-eastern Europe : evidence from microsatellite data. In: Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 191 (2019). - S. 315-324.

Judith Bäumler, Willi Riber, Maria Klecker, Leon Müller, Nico Dissemeyer, Alfons Weig, Angelika Mustroph: AtERF#111/ABR1 is a transcriptional activator involved in the wounding response. In: The Plant Journal, 100 (2019). - S. 969-990.

Nicolas Weithmann, Stanislava Mlinar, Frank Hilbrig, Samer Bachmaf, Julia Arndt, Britta Planer-Friedrich, Alfons Weig, Ruth Freitag: Arsenic metabolism in technical biogas plants : possible consequences for resident microbiota and downstream units. In: AMB Express, 9 (2019). - .


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Mai-Van Dinh, Alexander Guhr, Alfons Weig, Egbert Matzner: Drying and rewetting of forest floors : dynamics of soluble phosphorus, microbial biomass-phosphorus, and the composition of microbial communities. In: Biology and Fertility of Soils, 54 (2018). - S. 761-768.


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Alexander Guhr, Marcus A. Horn, Alfons Weig: Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) increases drought tolerance of Agaricus bisporus. In: Mycologia, 109 (2017). - S. 860-873.

Martin Feulner, Alfons Weig, Juraj Paule, Thomas Gregor, Lea F. Schott, Gregor Aas: Genetic variability and morphology of tri- and tetraploid members of the Sorbus aria complex in northern Bavaria. In: Preslia, 89 (2017). - S. 275-290.


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Nicolas Weithmann, Alfons Weig, Ruth Freitag: Process parameters and changes in the microbial community patterns during the first 240 days of an agricultural energy crop digester. In: AMB Express, 6 (2016). - S. No. 53.

Amir Hossein Pahlevani, Martin Feulner, Alfons Weig, Sigrid Liede-Schumann: Molecular and morphological studies disentangle species complex in Euphorbia sect. Esula (Euphorbiaceae) from Iran, including two new species. In: Plant Systematics and Evolution, 303 (2016). - S. 139-164.

Till Klecker, Megan Wemmer, Mathias Haag, Alfons Weig, Stefan Böckler, Thomas Langer, Jodi Nunnari, Benedikt Westermann: Interaction of MDM33 with mitochondrial inner membrane homeostasis pathways in yeast. In: Scientific Reports, 5 (2016). - .


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Jan Christian Habel, Sabrina V. Brückmann, Jochen Krauss, Julia Schwarzer, Alfons Weig, Martin Husemann, Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter: Fragmentation genetics of the grassland butterfly Polyommatus coridon : Stable genetic diversity or extinction debt?. In: Conservation Genetics, 16 (2015). - S. 549-558.

David Harter, Mike Thiv, Alfons Weig, Anke Jentsch, Carl Beierkuhnlein: Spatial and ecological population genetic structures within two island-endemic Aeonium species of different niche width. In: Ecology and Evolution, 5 (2015). - S. 4327-4344.

Christine Heuck, Alfons Weig, Marie Spohn: Soil microbial biomass C:N:P stoichiometry and microbial use of organic phosphorus. In: Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 85 (2015). - S. 119-129.


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Katrin Greiner, Derek Peršoh, Alfons Weig, Gerhard Rambold: Phialosimplex salinarum, a new species of Eurotiomycetes from a hypersaline habitat. In: IMA Fungus, 5 (2014). - S. 161-172.

Tamar Kis-Papo, Alfons Weig, Robert Riley, Derek Peršoh, Asaf Salamov, Hui Sun, Anna Lipzen, Solomon P. Wasser, Gerhard Rambold, Igor V. Grigoriev, Eviatar Nevo: Genomic adaptations of the halophilic Dead Sea filamentous fungus Eurotium rubrum. In: Nature Communications, 5 (2014). - .


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Martin Feulner, Sigrid Liede-Schumann, Ulrich Meve, Alfons Weig, Gregor Aas: Genetic structure of three Sorbus latifolia (Lam.) Pers. taxa endemic to northern Bavaria. In: Plant Systematics and Evolution, 299 (2013). - S. 1065-1074.

Alfons Weig, Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold: EcoChips für die Erforschung mikrobieller Lebensgemeinschaften. In: BIOspektrum, 19 (2013). - S. 382-385.

Alfons Weig, Derek Peršoh, Sebastian Werner, Amelie Betzlbacher, Gerhard Rambold: Diagnostic assessment of mycodiversity in environmental samples by fungal ITS1 rDNA length polymorphism. In: Mycological Progress, 12 (2013). - S. 719-725.

Abdelaleim Ismail ElSayed, Alfons Weig, Gulmira Sariyeva, Eric Hummel, Shih-Long Yan, Alberto Bertolini, Ewald Komor: Assimilate export inhibition in Sugarcane yellow leaf virus-infected sugarcane is not due to less transcripts for sucrose transporters and sucrose-phosphate synthase or to callose deposition in sieve plates. In: Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, 81 (2013). - S. 64-73.


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Derek Peršoh, Alfons Weig, Gerhard Rambold: A transcriptome-targeting EcoChip for assessing functional mycodiversity. In: Microarrays, 1 (2012). - S. 25-41.


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Abdelaleim Ismail ElSayed, Alfons Weig, Ewald Komor: Molecular characterization of Hawaiian Sugarcane yellow leaf virus genotypes and their phylogenetic relationship to strains from other sugarcane-growing countries. In: European Journal of Plant Pathology, 129 (2011). - S. 399-412.


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Daniel A. Eisenbarth, Alfons Weig: Sucrose carrier RcSCR1 is involved in sucrose retrieval, but not in sucrose unloading in growing hypocotyls of Ricinus communis L. In: Plant Biology, 7 (2005). - S. 98-103.

Daniel A. Eisenbarth, Alfons Weig: Dynamics of aquaporins and water relations during hypocotyl elongation in Ricinus communis L. seedlings. In: Journal of Experimental Botany, 56 (2005). - S. 1831-1842.


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Urban Johanson, Maria Karlsson, Ingela Johansson, Sofia Gustavsson, Sara Sjövall, Laure Fraysse, Alfons Weig, Per Kjellbom: The complete set of genes encoding major intrinsic proteins in Arabidopsis provides a framework for a new nomenclature for major intrinsic proteins in plants. In: Plant Physiology, 126 (2001). - S. 1358-1369.


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Alfons Weig, Christiane Jakob: Functional identification of the glycerol permease activity of Arabidopsis thaliana NLM1 and NLM2 proteins by heterologous expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In: FEBS Letters, 481 (2000). - S. 293-298.

Aufsatz in einem Buch

Alfons Weig, Daniel A. Eisenbarth: Role of aquaporins during elongation growth of castor bean seedlings. In: Stefan Hohmann (Hrsg.): Molecular biology and physiology of water and solute transport. - New York : Kluwer, 2000. - S. 357-364.

Alfons Weig, Christiane Jakob: Functional characterisation of Arabidopsis thaliana aquaglyceroporins. In: Stefan Hohmann (Hrsg.): Molecular biology and physiology of water and solute transport. - New York : Kluwer, 2000. - S. 365-372.


Alfons Weig, Daniel A. Eisenbarth: Aquaporin function in hypocotyl growth. - (Poster), Veranstaltung: Plant Biology 2000, 15.-19. July 2000, San Diego, USA.


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Alfons Weig, C. Deswarte, M. J. Chrispeels: The major intrinsic protein family of Arabidopsis has 23 members that form three distinct groups with functional aquaporins in each group. In: Plant Physiology, 114 (1997). - S. 1347-1357.

M. J. Chrispeels, M. J. Daniels, Alfons Weig: Aquaporins and water transport across the tonoplast. In: Advances in Botanical Research, 25 (1997). - S. 419-432.


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Ewald Komor, Gabriele Orlich, Alfons Weig, Walter Köckenberger: Phloem loading - not metaphysical, only complex : towards a unified model of phloem loading. In: Journal of Experimental Botany, 47 (1996). - S. 1155-1164.

Alfons Weig, Ewald Komor: An active sucrose carrier (Scr1) that is predominantly expressed in the seedling of Ricinus communis L.. In: Journal of Plant Physiology, 147 (1996). - S. 685-690.


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

M. J. Daniels, Alfons Weig, C. Maurel, M. J. Chrispeels: PIPs and TIPs, aquaporins of the plasma membrane and the vacuolar membrane. In: Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6 (1995). - S. S. 52A.

Alfons Weig, Ewald Komor: Isolation of a class II metallothionein cDNA (accession no. L02306) from Ricinus communis L.(Plant Gene Register PGR95-066). In: Plant Physiology, 109 (1995). - S. 721.

M. J. Chrispeels, M. J. Daniels, Alfons Weig: Aquaporins facilitate water transport through the plasma-membrane and the tonoplast. In: Plant Physiology, 108 (1995). - S. 6.


M. J. Daniels, Alfons Weig, C. Maurel, M. J. Chrispeels: PIPs and TIPs, aquaporins of the plasma membrane and the vacuolar membrane. - (Poster), Veranstaltung: The American Society for Cell Biology 35th annual meeting, 09.-13. Dez. 1995, Washington, USA.


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Alfons Weig, Juliane Franz, Norbert Sauer, Ewald Komor: Isolation of a family of cDNA clones from Ricinus communis L. with close homology to the hexose carriers. In: Journal of Plant Physiology, 143 (1994). - S. 178-183.


Alfons Weig:Molekularbiologische Analyse der Hexose- und Saccharosecarrier aus Ricinus communis L : Klonierung und Sequenzierung, heterologe Expression und Bestimmung der Verteilung in der Pflanze. - : 1994. - 122 S.
(Dissertation, 1994, Universität Bayreuth, Fakultät für Biologie, Chemie und Geowissenschaften)


Artikel in einer Zeitschrift

Alfons Weig, Ewald Komor: The lipid-transfer protein C of Ricinus communis L. : Isolation of two cDNA sequences which are strongly and exclusively expressed in cotyledons after germination. In: Planta, 187 (1992). - S. 367-371.

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